PoaceaeGrass family

  - Leaves simple, alternate, wih sheathing base and long lateral veins paralleling midvein.
  - Bamboos with short petiole, woody, joined stems, either hollow or solid.
  - Flowers and fruits typical of grasses.

Diagnosis: Herbs, shrubs, and sprawling climbers, leaves narrow with numerous secondary veins paralleling the midvein, leaf base often sheathing the stem, nodes often expanded giving a jointed appearance (bamboo-like).

Similar families
Arecaceae: leaves usually compound; if simple then venation pinnate.
Cycadaceae: leaflets with spiny margins, short 4-8 mm spines on petiole.

Diversity: Total: 33 genera, 70 species. Woody bamboos: 3 genera, 7 species.

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