TheaceaeTea family

  - Leaves simple, alternate, entire or serrate.
  - Either distichous or spiraled.
  - Apical leaf bud elongate and rolled.
  - Without stipules; veins often inconspicuous.
  - Flowers in leaf axils, with fused corolla, 5 rounded overlapping sepals.
  - Fruit are capsules with winged seeds or berries

Diagnosis: Mostly montane trees, without stipules, leaves simple, alternate, midvein expressed above, leaf buds rolled. 1. Leaves distichous, usually serrate or crenate, base asymmetric, lateral veins short and straight. 2. Leaves spiraled, oblanceolate, entire, lateral veins inconspicuous, may have black punctations below.

Similar families
Icacinaceae: petiole blends into twig, leaves fleshy and glabrous, inflorescence arises opposite petiole, rare.
Lauraceae: aromatic odor, twigs with asymmetric cross section.
Myrsinaceae: opaque red or translucent yellow dots and dashes.
Symplocaceae: leaves spiraled, midvein sunken above, margin crenate.
Thymelaeaceae: bark extremely stringy, ellastic fibers in torn leaf, green bean odor.
Winteraceae: leaf white below, aromatic odor.

Diversity: Total: 5 genera, 7 species. Trees: 5 genera, 7 species.

Credits: Images and text copyright 2000-2007, William A. Haber,