SymplocaceaeSweetleaf family

  - Leaves simple, alternate, crenate, spiraled.
  - Midvein usually sunken above.
  - Without stipules.
  - Flowers white to pink, with overlapping sepals, inferior ovary, and a staminal tube.
  - Fruit a drupe, often aqua or steel blue outside with violet inner flesh.

Diagnosis: One genus of montane trees, without stipules, leaves alternate, spiraled, simple, crenate to rarely almost entire, midvein sunken above, loop-connected lateral veins.

Similar families
Aquifoliaceae: tiny stipules.
Lauraceae: aromatic odor, irregularly grooved twigs, always entire.
Sapotaceae: white latex, always entire.
Theaceae: leaves usually distichous with midvein expressed above.

Diversity: Total: 1 genus, 7 species. Trees: 1 genus, 7 species.

Credits: Images and text copyright 2000-2007, William A. Haber,