RosaceaeRose family

  - Leaves simple, alternate, entire, distichous.
  - Sessile nectar glands on blade or margin.
  - With stipules.
  - Flowers small and white, stamens fused at base into a ring.
  - Fruits are juicy black drupes.
  - Seed has distinctive fibers on surface.

Diagnosis: Shrubs and climbers, with one genus of trees, bitter almond odor in bark and petiole, with free deciduous stipules, leaves distichous, simple, alternate, entire, sessile nectar glands near base of blade on underside, either on blade or on margin.

Similar families
: no almond odor, clear sap in petiole.Euphorbiaceae^
Rhamnaceae: two sessile nectar glands on underside of blade at base (Colubrina), no almond odor.

Diversity: Total: 3 genera, 11 species. Trees: Total: 1 genus, 4 species.

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