MyricaceaeBayberry family

  - Leaves simple, alternate, spiraled, bunched at twig tips.
  - Minute metallic gland scales on leaf underside.
  - Without stipules.
  - Aromatic odor.
  - Small, non-showy flowers on short axillary spikes.
  - Small gray-green berries.

Diagnosis: Small trees, aromatic conifer odor, without stipules, leaves simple, alternate, bunched at twig tips, oblanceolate with sparse dull teeth and tiny metallic gland scales in pits on leaf underside.

Similar families
Lauraceae: leaf entire, no metallic dots on leaf underside, aromatic odor.
Grossulariaceae: no metallic dots on leaf underside.
Myrsinaceae: translucent red or yellow dots and dashes as well as opaque dots on leaf surface.
Symplocaceae: no metallic dots on leaf underside, midvein sunken on upperside.

Diversity: Total: 1 genus, 2 species. Treelets: 1 genus, 2 species.

Credits: Images and text copyright 2000-2007, William A. Haber,