MoraceaeMulberry family

  - Leaves simple, alternate with distinct collecting vein.
  - Copious white latex (rarely tan or clear yellow).
  - Free or fused deciduous stipules.
  - Non-showy, wind-pollinated flowers without petals.
  - Fruit mostly one-seeded drupes, rarely multi-seeded fleshy aggregates.

Diagnosis: Trees and herbs, copious white or tan latex, with free or fused stipules, leaves simple, alternate, usually with pinnate venation, the basal lateral veins short, well-developed marginal vein. 1. Leaves distichous, serrate or less often entire (most genera). 2. Leaves spiraled, always entire, fleshy (Ficus).

Similar families
Bombacaceae(Quararibea): no latex, petiole swollen apically.
Euphorbiaceae: nectar glands on petiole or base of blade, leaves often spiraled.
Flacourtiaceae: no latex, marginal vein poorly developed.

Diversity: Total: 12 genera, 45 species. Trees: 10 genera, 43 species (including some mostly hemi-epiphytic Ficus species).

Credits: Images and text copyright 2000-2007, William A. Haber,