HippocrateaceaeHippocratea family

  - Leaves simple, opposite, entire.
  - Minute free stipules.
  - Orange layer in bark.
  - Tiny green-red flowers in much-branched inflorescences at leafless nodes.
  - Fruit a tennis ball sized berry with leathery shell.

Diagnosis: Trees and lianas, with thin orange layer in bark, with small free stipules, leaves opposite, crenate or entire.

Similar families
Loranthaceae: without stipules, no orange in bark.
Malpighiaceae: T-shaped hairs, no orange in bark.
Myrtaceae: translucent yellow dots, no orange in bark.

Diversity: Total: 2 genera, 4 species. Trees: 1 genus, 1 species.

Comments: Now typically included within the Celastraceae.

Credits: Images and text copyright 2000-2007, William A. Haber, http://efg.cs.umb.edu/