HernandiaceaeHernandia family

  - leaves alternate, palmately lobed.
  - garlic odor and watery white latex.
  - leaves alternate, 3-veined, petioles varying in length.
  - without stipules.
  - basal lateral veins start above leaf base.

Diagnosis: 1. Leaves alternate, palmately lobed, entire margin, dry forest trees, garlic odor in bark, watery white latex, without stipules (Gyrocarpus). 2. Leaves alternate, simple with lobed base, entire, 3-veined or palmately veined with basal veins arising above leaf base, long petioles varying in length, wet forest trees, without stipules (Hernandia).

Local distribution: Dry pacific slope; wet alantic slope.

Similar families
Araliaceae: also with long variable petioles, but stipules present.
Capparidaceae: stipules usually present, lateral veins pinnate.

Diversity: Total: 2 genera, 2 species. Trees: 2 genera, 2 species.

Comments: Sapling Gyrocarpus can be confused with Carica because of the witish sap and lobed leaf, but Carica lacks the strong odor.

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