RubiaceaeMadder family

  - Leaves opposite or whorled, entire.
  - Interpetiolar stipules.
  - Flowers 4-6-parted with inferior ovary and fused, tubular corolla.
  - Fruits are varied, including capsules, drupes, and berries.

Diagnosis: Including all life forms from herbs to trees and epiphytes, deciduous interpetiolar stipules, leaves simple, opposite (rarely whorled), entire, usually with a well-developed collecting vein.

Similar families
Rhizophoraceae: some leaves with teeth.
Myrtaceae: no stipules, with pellucid dots.
Malpighiaceae: free stipules, T-shaped hairs.

Diversity: Total: 36 genera, 153 species. Trees and treelets: 24 genera, about 65 species.

Comments: Coffee is one of the best-known members of the family.

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