VerbenaceaeVerbena family

  -Leaves simple, opposite, without stipules or
  - Compound with 3 leaflets.
  - Twigs quadrangular.
  - Shrub often aromatic.
  - Often with nectar glands on blade.

Diagnosis: 1. Trees and shrubs, without stipules, leaves simple, opposite, twigs quadrangular, often laterally expanded at nodes, often with flat nectaries on blade, shrubs often with aromatic odor. 2. Leaves altrnate, palmately compound with 3 leaflets (Vitex).

Local distribution: Widespread.

Similar families
Asteraceae: twigs not angular, pith in stems, without aromatic odor or nectar glands at leaf base.
Bignoniaceae(Tabebuia): 5 leaflets and stellate pubescence.

Diversity: Total: 9 genera, 20 species. Trees: 4 genera, 10 species.

Credits: Images and text copyright 2000-2007, William A. Haber,