MalvaceaeMallow family

  Leaves alternate, simple or palmately lobed;
  - stipules well developed and free
  - petiole with double pulvinus
  - stellate hairs
  - stringy bark with mucilage
  - flower with a second ring of calyx lobes (epicalyx)
  - staminal column surrounding style, numerous stamens

Diagnosis: Small shrubs, trees, and climbers, usually with large free stipules, leaves simple, alternate, sometimes palmately lobed, serrate, petiole with apical pulvinus, stellate hairs and mucilage, flower with a second ring of calyx appendages (epicalyx).

Local distribution: Widespread.

Similar families
Euphorbiaceae: latex usually present, nectar glands, without mucilage.
Flacourtiaceae: without mucilage, hairs usually simple.
Tiliaceae(and other Malvales): often large trees, stamens only fused at base.

Diversity: Total: 9 genera, 16 species. Trees: 3 genera, 3 species.

Credits: Images and text copyright 2000-2007, William A. Haber,