MeliaceaeMahogany family

  -Small to large trees;
  -leaves alternate, odd-pinnate or even pinnate (some with a bud at rachis tip);
  -leaflets usually opposite;
  -without stipules
  -sweet odor in bark
  -small flowers with a staminal tube
  -fruit a capsule with either winged or arillate seeds.

Diagnosis: Trees, without stipules, sweet odor or garlic odor in bark, leaves alternate, odd- or even-pinnate.

Local distribution: Widespread.

Similar families
Fabaceae: bean odor, stipules, cylindrical petiolules.
Rutaceae: translucent yellow dots.
Sapindaceae: leaflets often alternate and serrate, appendage or scar at rachis tip.
Simaroubaceae: bitter odor and taste, leaflets mostly alternate, fruits are fleshy berries.

Diversity: Total: 4 genera, 17 species. Trees: 4 genera, 17 species.

Credits: Images and text copyright 2000-2007, William A. Haber,