BrunelliaceaeBrunellia family

  - Leaves opposite, odd-pinnate, leaflets serrate.
  - With stipules, stipels on rachis.
  - Leaflets oblong, blue-white below, with more than 10 lateral veins.
  - Flowers small, without petals, 10-12 stamens, separate pistils, large axillary inflorescences.
  - Fruit a ring of up to six pointed follicles.

Diagnosis: Trees of secondary forest and light gaps, with free stipules and interpetiolar ridge, leaves opposite, odd-pinnate, the rachis with stipels, leaflets serrate, oblong with many short lateral veins, pale below.

Local distribution: Cloud forest and Atlantic slope rain forest.

Similar families
Staphyleaceae: leaflets with less than 10 lateral veins, almost round.
Bignoniaceae: stipules and stipels absent.

Diversity: Total: 1 genera, 3 species. Trees: 1 genus, 3 species.

Comments: One species is a common light gap colonist in the high cloud forest. Recent studies suggest that this family may belong in the Cunoniaceae.

Credits: Images and text copyright 2000-2007, William A. Haber,