Asclepias curassavica L.Asclepiadaceae

common name synonyms: false ipecac, red cotton bush, bastard ipecac, butterfly weed

subclass: Dicotyledoneae

superorder: Asteridae

order: Gentianales

growth form: shrub, herb

life history: perennial

level of invasiveness: naturalized

weedy in native range: Yes

noxious weed in the u.s.: No

type of introduction: Unknown

number of vectors: 1.0

introduced range: Spain

native range: Tropical America

notes: perhaps locally naturalized, native to Trop. Amer.; listed as introduced in PUSDA; weed in Ecuador, Surinam, Trinidad, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Jamaica, etc.

invasiveness notes: naturalized

Credits: Credits: (c) 2001-2006 J. Forman Orth