Panicum capillare L.Poaceae

common name synonyms: Panicgrass, Witches Hair, Tumbleweed Grass, Ticklegrass, Tumble Panic

scientific name synonyms: ssp. barbipulvinatum, var. barbipulvinatum, var. agreste, var. brevifolium, var. occidentale, P. barbipulvinatum

subclass: Monocotyledoneae

superorder: Commelinidae

order: Poales

growth form: herb, grass

life history: annual

level of invasiveness: invasive

weedy in native range: Yes

noxious weed in the u.s.: No

type of introduction: Accidental

number of vectors: 4.0

introduced range: Southern Europe, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, France, Israel, Britain, Czech Republic

native range: North America

notes: naturalized, found in disturbed ground; Panicum capillare and P. dichotomiflorum, which metabolize triazineas maize (Guillerm); a casual of bird seed, agricultural seed, wool, oil seed, docks and wasteland; usually introduced with millet from the U.S.'; introduced with North American Clover seed; weed in Chile, Canada, US

invasiveness notes: invasive

Credits: Credits: (c) 2001-2006 J. Forman Orth