California Pepper-tree
Schinus molle L.Anacardiaceae

common name synonyms: Peruvian Mastic-tree, Peruvian Peppertree, Molle de Peru, Escobilla, False Pepper, American Pepper

subclass: Dicotyledoneae

superorder: Rosidae

order: Sapindales

growth form: tree

life history: perennial

level of invasiveness: naturalized

weedy in native range: No

noxious weed in the u.s.: No

type of introduction: Intentional

number of vectors: 1.0

introduced range: Southern Europe

native range: Central America; South America

notes: native to Central and North Amer.(?? - ARS-GRIN says no); more or less naturalized (Fl Eur 1964); introduced and invasive in U.S. (PUSDA); source of pink peppercorns used in cooking

invasiveness notes: naturalized

Credits: Credits: (c) 2001-2006 J. Forman Orth