giant stock-bean
Canavalia ensiformis (L.) de CandolleFabaceae

common name synonyms: gotani-bean, horsebean, jack-bean, seaside-bean, sword-bean, wonder-bean, wonderbean

scientific name synonyms: var. truncata Ricker, Dolichos ensiformis L.

subclass: Dicotyledoneae

superorder: Rosidae

order: Fabales

growth form: vine, herb

life history: annual, perennial

level of invasiveness: benign

weedy in native range: Yes

noxious weed in the u.s.: No

type of introduction: Intentional

number of vectors: 1.0

introduced range: Europe

native range: North America, West Indies, Central America, South America

notes: introduced elsewhere; poisonous, cult. & naturalized worldwide, origin from cult. of American Indians; introduced in the U.S. (PUSDA); weed in Honduras, Peru

invasiveness notes: benign

Credits: Credits: (c) 2001-2006 J. Forman Orth