The Electronic Field Guide (EFG) Project has developed a number of web-based applications that facilitate the identification of species and recording of ecological observations, including:
efgKeys efgKEYS creates polytomous keys that are similar in feel to the traditional, tree-based keys used by taxonomists. Authors use the EFG Comment Manager, a Microsoft Excel add-on, to enhance their key text with links to images and to taxon pages they create with EFG2. From a single spreadsheet file and a set of images, the efgKEYS software can render the key in a variety of formats, from web-based to printable pdf to a version you can upload to your iPod.

efgKEYS products:
EFG2 EFG2 is the next generation of the electronic field guide page-building software. Using any spreadsheet or database app that can export to a comma-separated format, the author can build taxon-by-character data sources, add images, audio or video, and create a "synoptic" key using a searchable, menu-based interface. EFG2 can be used to create a backend to keys created with efgKEYS, or is equally as effective at building standalone identification tools. EFG2 software comes with all the author needs to build and configure taxon pages and to deploy them on a web server (Apache Tomcat) using a database backend (MySQL).

EFG2 products:

This research is supported in part by the NSF 1998 - 2007 and by award for its continuation, Electronic Field Guides: Leveraging Biodiversity Data with the Web and Mobile Tools, and our ITR grant Biodiversity Data Discovery and Integration.

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